Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Agent Roundup podcast: Interview with Dani Nordin

Last week, I got the chance to chat with Kelle Sparta on her weekly podcast, Agent Roundup. Kelle, a business coach that helps real estate professionals create the life and career they love, uses the podcast to discuss a variety of issues important to brokers, from understanding the credit process to better help your clients to getting your own financial life in order. In my interview, I discussed the importance of building a strong personal brand outside the one handed to you by your firm, and the importance of finding and hiring the right design professional for your needs, rather than finding the person with the cheapest price (a habit I've seen bite people back a bit too many times). And, of course, I get to talk a bit about the zen kitchen's favorite subject, green design.

To listen to the podcast, visit Let me know what you think!

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