Sunday, February 04, 2007

McDonald's has a new look, and it includes nutrition facts!

Okay, so I'm not one that normally decides to head on into McDonald's, especially after watching Supersize Me with my boyfriend Nick a while back (which is enough to turn you off their food for life), but once in a while, I do find it nice to stop in for a bit of something. Last night, Nick and I stopped in to the McD's on Tremont Street after the movies for something to eat, and although the food was - well - pretty darn awful (I probably won't be doing that again soon), I did notice something really cool as I looked at the recently redesigned Filet-o-Fish box; not only was it well-designed (I must admit I like the new brand - it speaks very well to their intended audience, and definitely makes a difference in the overall perception of the company), it had nutrition information on it! Not hidden, not on some weird sign somewhere in this huge table that you're never going to look at, but printed, right there on the side of the box, was all the nutrition information for the sandwich. Nick noticed the same on his Big Mac, and it was also on the medium fry we shared.

Taking a quick look at the McDonald's website, I noticed that there's a new focus on health and nutrition info, with the information pretty easily accessible from the main page (as in, I only had to click a few links to get there). This is huge, considering the fact that up until a few years ago, you couldn't even really find it anywhere.

Although I still won't say McDonald's is my favorite corporate entity (in fact, it's one of my least favorite), I have to recognize the fact that more and more major corporations are starting to incorporate more social responsibility into their daily operations. Nobody denies that McDonald's food isn't healthy, but if you can tell a person flat out "hey, that teeny little fish sandwich you're eating is about 400 calories - just sayin" on the box, it'll help that person make a smarter choice somewhere down the road. Or, at least, one hopes so.

Now if they'd just make a salad that wasn't as unhealthy as a cheeseburger!

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