Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some Marketing Resolutions to help you build your business in 2008

My friend Jess Sand over at Roughstock Studios posted a terrific list on her blog about marketing resolutions that you can make to help you grow your business. It's a great list, and even if you implement just a few of them this year (along with the right professional to help, in some cases), you can see pretty tremendous results.

For the zen kitchen, I've been taking a lot of downtime the last couple of weeks to figure out and redefine Who I Am, What I Do, and Why People Care - and it's been an interesting experience. Impending New Years are great times to sit down and evaluate; what works and what needs to be dropped, which direction needs to take precedence now.

Given that, I thought I'd share my goals/focus for 2008:

  1. Spend more time on the blog, and on writing in general, including a personal book project in development;
  2. Have more focused content on the blog, especially in the area of self-promotion and branding;
  3. Focus the zen kitchen's work on branding and helping entrepreneurs learn how to promote themselves, a focus that's been a long time in coming;
  4. Clarify and document systems that I've developed within the business, so I can delegate work as needed.

I'm pretty excited about this, since I've come a long way since I opened the studio back in 2005, and this new focus is the first time since I started the studio that things just felt like they were clicking into place. Let me know what your resolutions are - any goals you want to achieve by year's end?


Jessie Jane said...

Good on ya! Will this be the year we finally join forces on a project??? I'm waiting, lady...


Dani Nordin said...


You know that's altogether possible?