Sunday, April 29, 2007

More green hosting options from Green Options

In the interest of further exploring the green web hosting thang, I happened upon an article by Megan Prusynski, a fellow designer/greenie and member of the HOW Forum (one of my favorite hangouts on the internets).

In the article, Greening the Web: green hosting options, Megan provides a decent list of web hosts that are either powered exclusively by renewable energy or they offset their energy use by purchasing renewable energy credits. I still recommend Dreamhost, but it's nice to know that there are other companies out there doing their part.


ethical said...

thanks for your review, While i applaud dreamhost's move (well done) I don't feel its actually done in the spirit of caring about reducing their GHG's but rather jumping on it as a marketing ploy before the other large hosts do the same thing. I think it is more important to support the smaller guys that do a lot more in all that they do to reduce their GHG's such as living in an area where you don't NEED a car to get to one fo the 2 offices, but can take the subway, walk or better yet, work from home.

I am glad they have made the step but I think people should also consider the broader picture and what some of the other leaders in the green hosting market are doing such as and my own company

Dani Nordin said...


Interesting comments. While I do appreciate the bigger picture, and believe that people should weigh all the options before choosing a host (and go with their ethics on such matters), I have to wonder if it's really such a bad thing to "jump on the green bandwagon" as a marketing ploy?

To me it's a win-win situation - the company is doing the right thing for the environment, and getting some good marketing juice from the decision. In my humble opinion, the world would be a much better place if more large companies realized the marketing power of taking positive action towards climate change and sustainability.