Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eco and Foodie Joy at Trader Joe's Cambridge

I have a couple of posts for you this week, which I'll work on tomorrow (I promise!) but I had to share this: when I was doing some food shopping at my local Trader Joe's in Cambridge (right on Memorial Drive, near the Charles) I was not only able to pick up the most INSANELY GOOD baby heirloom tomatoes and some orange-muscat champagne vinegar that's going to make a mighty tasty vinaigrette tonight, but, because I brought my own bag, I was offered a chance to put my name in for a drawing that this particular Trader Joe's is having to show their appreciation for helping them save paper by recycling bags. Apparently, once a month the grand Tiki God statue at the front of the store will spit out a name (much like in the Harry Potter book) and the lucky person will receive a $25 TJ gift card.

So if you're local, show them some love (and get some of these tomatoes - oh. my. goodness.)

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