Wednesday, October 03, 2007

marketing: what makes you so special?

So, you make a great product, or provide a terrific service. And you think that your product or service is just the best thing ever. Wonderful!

But what's so special about it?

This is something I run into all the time - even with my own business. I love what I do, my clients love what I do, but what makes me so special compared to the hundreds of others that do comparable work, sometimes for significantly lower prices?

For me, it's the passion I put into it - and the fact that I don't stop at just design. Never have, in over six years of doing design professionally. My mission is to make sure you succeed, and sometimes that means helping you out with some hard truth about what you really want to be doing with your life, sometimes it means helping you figure out what you want to CALL this thing you're doing or how you need to talk about it, and sometimes - and this is happening more and more often - it means being your biggest cheerleader when you're starting to doubt that you can really do this.

Great marketing isn't just about saying, "my product is great because it has all natural ingredients and it's good for the environment" or "we really care about our customers." It's also about saying, "my product or service will help improve your life, and here's how." And, it's about saying, "yes, we ARE different from the rest, and here's why."

So, what makes YOU special?


Melissa Grossman said...

Sometimes it's at such critical junctures that people run into an imposter complex they didn't know existed. No doubt you've run into this demon of doubt with your clients, especially the ones who are going through a brand identity process. They worry that if they make these bold claims about what makes them different and the unique qualities of their offer, they won't be able to live up to them.

Virtual Woman's Day said...

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Wishing you all the best and continued success.

Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ - Publisher & Editor in Chief - WE Magazine for Women

Dani Nordin said...


I completely agree with your thoughts on the imposter complex - it's certainly something I've dealt with from time to time. And yes, one of the things I've found especially fulfilling in my work is that I can help the folks I work with through this type of thing, and sometimes even help them understand that they are, in fact, destined to be doing what they're doing!